ICA Europe Policy Priorities 2024-2029 by Quentin de Hults

The copper industry can play a key role in supporting the European Union’s transformation into a climate-neutral and resilient economy.

Copper is at the forefront of the EU decarbonisation journey as a strategic raw material that enables electrification, energy efficiency, and renewables. Producing copper can also generate other critical raw materials such as cobalt, rhodium, and palladium. Largely because of its crucial role in decarbonisation technologies, copper demand is expected to grow by 35 percent in the EU by 2050.

In the ICA Europe Policy Priorities 2024-2029 published this week, Director General Quentin de Hults highlights the need for action: “2030 is around the corner. Let us be bold and ambitious. Let us create the conditions for strong net zero value chains to deliver a strong, resilient, and climate-neutral EU. It is time for action, and you can count on the support of the copper industry!

Read Policy Priorities to discover the range of our proposals related to the industrial policy, the regulatory environment, the implementation of the EU Critical Raw Materials Act, the access to energy, and the market outlook for clean technologies

📃 ICA Europe Policy Priorities 2024-2029

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