No energy transition without copper

ICA Europe Director General Quentin de Hults outlines the copper industry’s significant role in enabling the transition to Net Zero.

Thanks to its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, copper is used across the electricity system and for heat exchange, including applications such as windmills, power grids, solar panels, electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, building automation, energy storage, solar thermal, wastewater heat recovery, heat pumps, batteries and many more.

By enabling decarbonising technologies, copper can significantly reduce EU GHG emissions, accounting for approximately 75% of the total. Its role in resource efficiency is equally significant, as it acts as a carrier metal, aiding in the recovery of other valuable metals crucial for the energy transition, such as silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. This dual role of copper is instrumental in driving the transition to a climate-neutral, resilient European economy.


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